Monday, October 1, 2012

Step 3: Update some basic setting and link Analytics Account

When you decide to use a services/products, you must learn about it carefully, and make sure that you understand each features, so you can take advantage of some good points.
Therefore in this post I will show you how to update some basic Blogspot configuration. It is really simple but necessary for you blog.

First thing to do is go to your Blog Dashboard and discover each Tabs, then I will tell your more about it later part in this post.

1. Setting => Basic:
  • Title: This text show in web browser title or Tab Title in you browser windows
  • Description: This will display as a Sub-Header on your template.
  • Privacy: show/hide your site from Blogger Listing and Search Engine. (Absolutely! Choose "Yes")
2. Setting => Reference:
  • Meta Tags: tell search engine about the core content (main topic) of your blog.
3. Setting => Other:
  • Add Google Analytics Account:

What is Meta Tag?

These tag wil not available on the site for your visitors. But it is extremely important to update these information. Because it help search engine understand your site correctly.

Meta Author: To update this meta tag, you must customize your Blogger theme in HTML mode. It seems not important, but good for branding your online indentity.

Meta Description: a short text describe about your blog. You can update in Setting => Search Preferences => Meta Tag => Description, Enable search Description => Choose Yes. And you can change this information inside each article detail view. Don't forget to update Search every time you publish new post.

Meta Keywords: some keywords relate to your website content. You can get these words here: Google Keywords Tool.

Meta Robot: Update in Setting => Basic => Privacy. when you choose "Yes" or "No" in List on Blogger or Visible to search Engine. Blogger will add these tag to your template automatically.

...more information about Meta tag here!

What is Google Analytics?

You can monitor your website and visitor more detail. I write about it more detail in other post. Now just connection it to your blogger account and discovery.

Any question? Please let me know in comment box. Thank you!


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