Wednesday, September 19, 2012

About this blog

Hello and welcome to my new blog Blogger Earning.

As the blog name (Blogger Earning), I hope this name has already given an insight on everything I write here. I want to share with you about everything I have learned in Internet Marketing, and do not hesitate to give your opinion about my posts, we can discuss to made it better.

I will blog about these thing:
  • Knowledge: the purpose of this post type is give you some basic knowledge about MMO. It's like answering some "what" questions.
  • Method: I Show you how to do it by yourself (DIY). I tried my best to reduce all complicated things and keep it simple as possible for everybody to know and do it.
  • Success: I give you some motivation material e.g: quotes, stories, mental training...
Post frequency: 2 posts per week
Post type: 
  • How-to post
  • List post


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